Surname list

Jackman is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:Barret Jackman, Canadian ice hockey player Bernard Jackman, Irish rugby player Clyde Jackman, Canadian politician Danny Jackman, English footballer David Jackman, British artist David Jackman (minister), English minister Galen B. Jackman, Retired United States Army Major General Henry N.R. "Hal" Jackman, Canadian politician and former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Henry R. "Harry" Jackman, Canadian politician and entrepreneur Herbert Louis Jackman, early South Australian architect who worked with Daniel Garlick Hugh Jackman, Australian actor Joseph Jackman (1844–1914), founder of Jackman's Rooms in Adelaide, South Australia Jermain Jackman, singer Lois Jackman, Australian discus thrower Maia Jackman, New Zealand footballer Marion Jackman, Australian squash player Mary Jackman, Irish politician Myles Jackman, British lawyer Pål Jackman, Norwegian director Ric Jackman, Canadian ice hockey defenceman Robert Jackman, also known as Ajahn Sumedho prominent Theravada bhikkhu Robin Jackman, English cricketer Tim Jackman, American ice hockey player