Name list

Mitsuru is a unisex Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:Mitsuru Adachi, Japanese manga author Mitsuru Chiyotanda, Japanese professional football defender Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Japanese actor Mitsuru Hattori, pen-name of a Japanese manga author Mitsuru Hirata, Japanese actor Mitsuru Hongo, Japanese film director Mitsuru Hotta, Japanese botanist Mitsuru Igarashi, former keyboardist and songwriter Mitsuru Ishihara, Japanese animator Mitsuru Karahashi, Japanese actor for TV Asahi Mitsuru Kimura , Japanese rower Mitsuru Komaeda, Japanese football player Mitsuru Kono , Japanese table tennis player Mitsuru Mansho, Japanese football player Mitsuru Matsui, Japanese cryptographer Mitsuru Matsumura, Japanese figure skater Mitsuru Meike, Japanese film director, screenwriter, and actor Mitsuru Miura, Japanese manga author Mitsuru Miyamoto voice actor Mitsuru Nagata, Japanese football player Mitsuru Nakamura , Japanese artist and poet Mitsuru Ogata, male voice actor from Aomori Prefecture affiliated with Mausu Promotion Mitsuru Sakurai, Japanese politician Mitsuru Sato, Japanese wrestler and Olympic champion Mitsuru Sugaya, Japanese manga author Mitsuru Ushijima, Japanese general who fought at the Battle of Okinawa during World War 2 Mitsuru Yoshida, Japanese author and naval officer Mitsuru Yuki, female Japanese novelist