Surname list

Solberg is a surname of Norwegian origin, and may refer to:Asbjørn Solberg (1893–1977), Norwegian politician from Østfold; served three terms in the Storting Dorvan Solberg, American politician from North Dakota; state representative since 1998 Eirik Lae Solberg, Norwegian politician from Buskerud; representative in the Storting and government minister Erna Solberg, Norwegian politician; serving in the Storting since 1989; Prime Minister of Norway since October 2013. Harald Solberg, Norwegian politician from Vestfold Henning Solberg, Norwegian rally driver; brother of Petter Solberg Hill-Marta Solberg, Norwegian politician from Nordland; government minister 1994–97 Konrad K. Solberg (1874–1954), American politician from Minnesota; legislator and lieutenant governor Leif Solberg (1914–2016), Norwegian classical composer and organist Magnar Solberg, Norwegian Olympic biathlete Marita Solberg, Norwegian soprano Monte Solberg, Canadian politician from Alberta; MP for Medicine Hat Myron Solberg (1930–2001), American food scientist Petter Solberg, Norwegian rally driver; brother of Henning Solberg Thomas Solberg, Norwegian professional football player Thorvald A. Solberg (1894–1964) United States admiral Thorvald Solberg (1852–1949), first Register of Copyrights (1897–1930) in the United States Copyright Office