The Sekirei manga features an extensive cast of characters created by Sakurako Gokurakuin. The story centers on Minato Sahashi, a r┼Źnin , who becomes involved with Musubi, one of 108 Sekirei: super-powered humanoids with unique powers who must fight in a battle royal called the Sekirei Plan. He becomes her Ashikabi, a human with special genes that allow him to activate a Sekirei's powers through "winging", which can be a mouth-to-mouth kiss. Minato soon leads a team of Sekirei residing at Izumo Inn, a boarding house in the northern district of Shinto Teito, and must face opponents in the form of other Sekirei, many of whom have teamed with other Ashikabi and are spread throughout the other districts of Teito. Overseeing the Plan is a group called Mid Bio Informatics (MBI). New Sekirei and characters are also introduced in the media adaptations including the anime series and the video game series. Sekirei characters have had mixed reception among the Japanese and international anime communities.