Surname list

Weisz is a Hungarian surname of German origin. Notable people with the surname include:Árpád Weisz (1896–1944), Hungarian Olympic football player and manager Berthold Weisz, Hungarian deputy Erik Weisz (1874–1926), was a Hungarian-born American magician best known by his stage name "Harry Houdini" Ezra Weisz, American voice actor Ferenc Weisz (1885–1943), Hungarian footballer Franziska Weisz, Austrian actress Paul B. Weisz (1919–2012), Czechoslovak-born American chemist Rachel Weisz, English, American actress Richárd Weisz (1879–1945), Hungarian Olympic champion Greco-Roman wrestler Spencer Weisz, American-Israeli basketball player Victor Weisz (1913–1966), German-born Hungarian-British political cartoonist Zoni Weisz, Dutch Porajmos survivor